Batteries are critical to integrate our grid power into clean green energy. Based on long-life and high-safety storage cells, SENMARCK ENERGY storage system can provide support services of peak load and frequency regulation to large power grid, provide dynamic capacity expansion to transmission hub, and realize peak cut for regional power grid load.

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Long-Life Modular and scalable

Containerized Energy Storage System

SENMARCK ENERGY is devoted to creating safe and inclusive energy products. The energy storage system can be applied to residential energy storage, large industry and commerce, 5G base stations, micro grids, PV-Storage-Charging integration, help users reduce electricity costs and providing emergency security, and benefiting all mankind with green energy.

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Why energy storage?

Peak shaving

Peak shaving, relieve grid congestion, dynamic capacity expansion

Renewable power combination

Perfect combination with solar and wind energy, no power waste

Microgrid system

Build a flexible smart grid system by integrating renewable power generation and lithium energy storage and maximize the benefits from green energy

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