What We Do

SENMARCK ENERGY specializes in designing residential and commercial, industrial hybrid energy storage systems. SENMARCK invented the first hybrid diesel energy storages in China and served big national construction companies projects by providing hybridization systems which make diesel generators work more efficiently. The plug and play hybrid systems are widely used in construction, mining, construction machinery rental sectors.

By collaborating with CATL and other top components suppliers, SENMARCK made premium quality Guard Plus All-In-One energy storage systems for residential solar energy storage projects. All the energy storage systems have passed European Union tests and acquired EU on-grid connection certificates.

We believe our quality guaranteed hybrid storage systems will make our customers more convenient and affordable to use clean energy.

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Who We Are

SENMARCK is made of a group of passionate, customer-centric and hardworking people, who care about our customers, are proud to give high quality products and services to global customers. The better we understand and apply this belief, the more we can grow ourselves by helping others succeed.

Our Guiding Principles

These Guiding Principles define who we are as an organization. They empower each of our staff to maximize his or her potential. Each of us has a responsibility to apply them daily. Our future success depends on continuing to improve our ability to create greater value.



1. Customer commitment

Customers are the primary reason that we exist, and we commit in delivering values to our customers and keep them satisfied.



2. Teamwork

Teamwork is crucial for our business. Each team member should treat everyone with honesty, respect and empathy, try to cooperate with others to achieve our goals.



3. Quality

Constantly pursue excellence, elevate industry product and service standards, meet beyond customers’ expectations.



4. Collaboration

Build relationships with the global organizations, partners who share the same vision and ambition to develop and provide the innovative solutions of renewable energy for the global customers.



5. Innovation

Always seek to identify and close the gaps between what you are and what you can accomplish to support our customers and partners.



6. Integrity

Integrity is key for our staff to act in the business.

How SENMARCK works for You?

We are customers-centric company, and committed to customers success. Our goal is simple, provide the best quality energy storage systems and services to help customers realize their business objectives.

Through years of supply chain consolidation and optimization, we can offer hassle-free guaranteed quality services on large scale products delivery, such as R&D, production, testing and products delivering to global customers warehouse.

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Inspired by
the forces of mother nature

SENMARCK ENERGY commits to researching and producing energy storage systems for green energy application, fully integrated all-in-one ESS, from solar panels to inverters, cables and batteries. By providing high quality and the most efficient energy storage systems, we support our customers to save energy bills and adopt more green energy. The more we work, the more contribution we do to reduce global carbon emission and make our life more sustainable.

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A customer oriented company, with carbon neutral at the bottom of every solution we offer, together we create sustainable business and make carbon neutral happen.

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Team work

We are customers oriented international company and welcome you to work with our engineers for your tailor-made solutions and maximize your investment on green energy.


Carbon neutral is global consensus nowadays. At SENMARCK ENERGY, we put sustainable measures into practices. Every battery, every storage system we produce, low carbon footprint is committed.

Fully Visible

Energy management software, remote access, cloud platform… all delivered through reliable software design and machine learning.