Price, pollution. Just choose one.

Quality battery price should not come at the cost of the environment. Any clean shouldn’t mean expensive commodity.

That’s why SENMARCK ENERGY batteries and storage systems are sustainable by default.

And we’ve taken the whole production supply chain into consideration to get there.

We’ve committed to powering all our batteries and energy storage systems production facilities with non-fossil fuel energy, invested in the research and production design in order to optimize the whole supply chain, to make it sustainable and achieve decarbonization target. We collaborate with suppliers from battery raw materials production to whole energy storage system integration.

Clean energy


SENMARCK ENERGY production facilities will be powered by locally sourced green energy.

CO 2e/kWh


SENMARCK ENERGY's target for the carbon footprint of energy storage systems production in 2028.

Recycled material


By 2030, 60% of SENMARCK ENERGY batteries and storage systems will come from recycled batteries.

Environment protection needs more actions than words and  agreements

Ethical sourcing, environment protection, sustainable development

Ethical sourcing

Mining with conscience

In the energy sector, sustainability is not against business development. We SENMARCK ENERGY starts from our batteries and energy storage systems projects.

Our key strategy on supply chain is ethical sourcing, from battery cells to the integrated energy storage systems, including all our business partners. We strive to work together with all our partners to put international decarbonization standards and practices into action. and make our planet better and greener.

Fossil-free energy

Inspired by the forces of nature

Battery cells and battery storage systems production require a lot of grid power. However, by introducing renewable energy into our production facilities, we can greatly reduce dependance on fossil energy. We can make big impact on the carbon footprint of our battery products.

More important, we have long term commitment to using green energy and align with international decarbonization standards.

Batttery Recycling

Put recycling into habit

SENMARCK ENERGY works with battery recycling companies and reproduce cells with recycled materials. Lithium, manganese, nickels, they are critical materials for industry, especially for battery industry. Most of these mines are excavated in open pits, cause a lot of pollution of soil and rivers.

We work with our suppliers which provide us with material traceability. Rome was not built in just one day. We work closely with our suppliers on agreed improvement plans for sustainable production. Our sustainable approach lowers the environmental impact of batteries production.

Remake batteries from recycled cells

Recycling is obligatory. All batteries have limited life span, many retired batteries are still valuable for other purposes. We are designing new energy storage systems with recycled battery cells for different applications.