SENMARCK Launched POWERMORE Hybrid Diesel Energy Storage in Nigeria Market

Africa has the biggest potentiality to be the fast runner in the green energy transition in the whole world due to its unreliable grid condition and the population percentage still has no access to electricity. 

But the reality is totally opposite, many countries in Africa still heavily rely on the seriously polluted DIESEL Generators. Take the No.1 population country Nigeria as example, the country accounts for half of the diesel generator utilization in Africa


The increasing demand for diesel generators in Nigerian market becomes a obstacle in the country's green energy transition. How to accelerate the green energy transition in Nigeria becomes a difficult task for the country's energy policy makers.

Recently SENMARCK ENERGY launched its Hybrid Diesel Energy Storage System in the Nigeria market. The system contains one specially designed 250KW PCS(Power Conversion System),one energy storage battery system with 140KWH capacity, one EMS(Energy Management System) and all the necessary fire protection devices.

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According to the declaration from the company Africa region sales director, SENMARCK is the first company in the market that designed this unique system which can work together with the existing diesel generators in the market, it is impossible for the users to just throw their diesel generators away and change to PV and battery storage solutions, the COST IS TOO HUGE for them, after years of research and tests, the company found an alternative solution for the problem, that's the Senmarck PowerMore-PDE250 Hybrid Diesel Energy Storage System. The system EMS can monitor the GenSet controller and make it work in its most efficient condition(75%-80% of its rated power), the extra electricity generated can be stored in the battery system, and when the battery is 60%-70% charged,  the system EMS will automatically shut down the GenSet and only leave the battery to power the load. 

This system has been widely used in some construction sites and mining sites in China for two years, the company is now ready to introduce the unique systems to the Nigerian market.