First Hybridized Diesel Energy Storage Systems Installed in Singapore

SENMARCK successfully installed PowerMore hybrid diesel energy storage systems in Singapore for a construction site. The system included 400KVA diesel generator plus 250kW PowerMore inverter and 140KWH lithium storage, 

total 625kW output. The diesel generator belongs to existing facility. There used to be two 400KVA gensets, with SENMARCK system, only one set of 400kVA diesel generator is sufficient. Considering the 250kW hybrid power conversion systems

which can sustain 3 to 4 times surge power of the whole heavy duty site machines. By reducing one set of 400KVA diesel generator, the whole hybridizing diesel energy storage systems helped save 500 liters of diesel per day and saved more than 230,000 USD on fuels alone!

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The new systems reduced pollutants and fuel use and provided peak power boost. The play & plug design was customized to meet customer needs. Construction sites benefited greatly from our PowerMore all-in-one outdoor designed cabinets, 

because they can be swiftly and readily installed.