Senmarck Energy Storage's differentiation strategy focuses on

Energy storage battery is a super track, and it is also the most dynamic track in the world for the next ten years."Alex Sen, business operations director of SENMARCK ENERGY company, judged this at the 2022 High-tech Energy Storage Industry Summit. At the same time, the energy storage battery is also an independent track different from the power battery. Because the technical path, material system, design direction, and product logic of energy storage batteries are different from those of power batteries, the development of energy storage batteries will be an independent industry standard, independent technology path, independent product layout and independent industrial ecology. 

On June 17, the 2022 High-tech Energy Storage Industry Summit opened at Changzhou International Conference Center. Industry chain business leaders, high-level executives and industry professionals conducted in-depth discussions on "carbon neutrality to open the era of energy storage", with more than 1,300 participants. In the special opening ceremony, Alex Sen, general manager of Senmarck Energy company, delivered a keynote speech titled "Energy Storage Battery Enterprise Strategy under the Carbon Neutral Target", expounding his deep understanding of today's energy storage market in detail. He judged that in the next three years, the global energy storage market will enter a "ephemeral period", and the demand for energy storage batteries will grow rapidly at a steep slope in a short period of time. Enterprises must quickly seize market opportunities at this stage. After 2025, it will enter the "chrysanthemum period", and the market will enter a new stage of continuous growth with a larger scale.

Based on the above research and judgment, Senmarck Energy Storage has formulated an accurate and clear strategic plan from the three dimensions of brand positioning, ecological layout and business model, and constantly strengthens its own differentiated advantages in the fierce competition on the track. In terms of brand positioning, Senmarck Energy Storage proposes a strategic direction of focusing on energy storage batteries, devoting all its energy to the energy storage market, developing products, responding to the market, and cooperating with customers at a faster speed. Thanks to its dedicated efforts. Alex Sen introduced that Senmarck Energy Storage will release a new generation of energy storage battery products this year, which have the characteristics of longer cycle life, ultra-high safety, higher efficiency, and extreme cost. Up to now, Senmarck Energy company focuses on energy storage application scenarios, covering cells, modules, and system integration, while product applications have completely covered the power generation side, power grid side, and power consumption side, providing customers at home and abroad with complete products and solutions.  In terms of ecological layout, The future of energy storage lies in the extreme low cost, and the current cost of raw materials for power batteries has exceeded 70% of the total cost. Therefore, the introduction of new material systems is the key to reducing the cost of energy storage batteries in the future. From the perspective of the whole industry chain, Senmarck Energy Storage has carried out comprehensive deployment in five dimensions, such as new materials, process equipment, batteries, system integration, and material recycling, forming an industrial closed loop, and promoting the sustainable development of energy storage batteries with combined innovation and application. cost reduction. In terms of business model, Senmarck Energy Storage focuses on the To B business and insists on focusing on products. In terms of market expansion, Senmarck Energy Storage chooses to focus foreign operations. In Alex Sen's view, the energy storage market is "unstable and strong." In the future, the global market will account for more than 90% of the business.

It is worth mentioning that in terms of the relationship between new energy and energy storage, Alex Sen believes that the two sectors depend on each other.  In terms of industry issues such as how to carry out innovative integration and how to achieve continuous cost reduction, the two should jointly explore, because only by being together can they coexist.