SENMARCK PowerMore hybrid diesel energy storage systems with 3-phase, compatible with existing diesel generators. In many industrial applications, like airport, sea port, factories and mining sites, gensets are still the main backup power. PowerMore solutions are designed to improve existing diesel generators power performance and reduce fuel costs. The hybridization system relieved diesel generators by reducing using time and keeping gensets in good condition. The unique combination with solar and lithium supports industry green energy transition.

The key features of our hybrid diesel energy storage system:

Diesel Generator Compatibility
Stabilize load curves, control the DG to reduce fuel burn and emissions and save genset costs Communicate with a generator and automatically switch it on / off at pre-programmed loads.

Peak Power Boost
Supplement power from the on-board inverter to meet high load peaks utilizing battery power.

Solar Energy Combination
Be connected without infrastructure changes to solar sources.
Supply grid independent energy supply for construction sites, mining sites,remote residential estates and factories. Genset peak shaving and grid power peak shaving.

Adapt Engineering motor load
Tower crane, Static pile driver, crusher, air compressor, concrete mixer.

Active BESS Warning Systems
Sound and light alarm system, fire extinguishing system, video surveillance system,SMS alarm system, etc.

Reliable structural design
IP54 outdoor design, adopt container or vehicle-mounted structure, firm and solid, suitable for frequent lifting and transportation, plug and play with rapid deployment.

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Solar power combines with energy storage, power independence for mining sites


Reduce diesel generator noise and grid power peak shaving


Combines with renewable energy, less grid power dependance, reduces carbon emission


Combines with solar and wind turbines, maximizes renewbale energy application


More green power, less carbon emission, less costs


solar enegy on the building roof with energy storage, great impact on energy consumption

Containerized Energy Storage System.

SENMARCK containerized energy storage devices meet megawatt-level power output needs, deliver industry leading performance. The industrial solution includes, integrate energy storage battery system, energy management system, monitoring system, temperature control system and fire protection system.

Introducing Energy Storage System

Battery vs Fossil fuel

Besides delivering top quality energy storage systems, SENMARCK ENERGY battery systems carry some big advantages.

Green environment

No air pollution, green environment for good human health

Easy transportation

Standard container design, easy transport to new locations, fast installation

Less maintenance

Plug and play battery system, modular design, easy trouble shooting, low maintenance