Carbon-producing fuels produce power through oil generators and coal burning plants. Green power will replace the coal and diesel power, remove toxic fumes from agriculture and mining, and noise pollution from construction and cities. Clean power will electrify cars, ships, trains and planes which all need high quality and reliable energy storage solutions to achieve their decarbonization goals.

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Solar power combines with energy storage, power independence for mining sites


Reduce diesel generator noise and grid power peak shaving


Combines with renewable energy, less grid power dependance, reduces carbon emission


Combines with solar and wind turbines, maximizes renewbale energy application


More green power, less carbon emission, less costs


solar enegy on the building roof with energy storage, great impact on energy consumption

Containerized Energy Storage System.

SENMARCK containerized energy storage devices meet megawatt-level power output needs, deliver industry leading performance. The industrial solution includes, integrate energy storage battery system, energy management system, monitoring system, temperature control system and fire protection system.

Introducing Energy Storage System

Battery vs Fossil fuel

Besides delivering top quality energy storage systems, SENMARCK ENERGY battery systems carry some big advantages.

Green environment

No air pollution, green environment for good human health

Easy transportation

Standard container design, easy transport to new locations, fast installation

Less maintenance

Plug and play battery system, modular design, easy trouble shooting, low maintenance